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History of Marblex Thailand

History and establishment of the company

Marblex Company Limited

Established in 1974 as the first manufacturer of Terrazzo tiles in Thailand. by using modern production technology and machinery from Italy When the company and factory were first established in Pathum Thani The company’s products are recognized and trusted by both domestic and international customers. The first terrazzo tile installation project was the construction of a subway station in Hong Kong Island. It has been trusted by the owners and contractors continuously in the building tile work. both public and private sectors such as Central Department Store Ladprao, Central Bangna, Seacon Square, The Mall, City Hall nationwide, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Justice, Siriraj Hospital, etc.


After the establishment of the company

The Company has begun to produce cement floor tiles for sale in the market and is a new product of the Company. and during that time The company has applied for certification of industrial product standards TIS 826-2531 for floor cement tiles. and requesting to certify the Industrial Standard TIS 379-2543 for the first time for terrazzo tiles Including requesting certification for industrial products TIS 378-2531 for concrete floor tiles

in the year 1998

The company has been certified for such industrial products. It is a testament to the quality of the tile products produced by the Company as well, from the standard production of tiles that are durable, strong and easy to maintain, which are the distinguishing features of terrazzo tiles. terrazzo at the terminal Suvarnabhumi Airport in 2004 and Bangkok Government Complex Building, Chaengwattana, Airport Rail Link Makkasan Building in 2007

In 2006 (1)

In addition to the large-scale projects that the Company has produced and has successfully completed the tiling process as mentioned above. The company has also gained trust from companies, department stores in the private sector, such as HomePro, Big C Supermarket, Tesco Lotus, to have the company produce and lay tiles in various branches continuously since 1994.

In 2006 (2)

The company has ordered a new machine and began to produce terrazzo tiles size 600x600 x32 mm. and has begun to produce terrazzo tiles with surface layer only (Single Layer) for sizes 600x600x25 mm. and 400x400x25 mm. the country's first This is a new innovation because the tiles are thinner than the traditional tiles. make less weight Saves transportation costs and achieves higher transverse bending strength.

In 2008 (1)

The Company has produced and laid tiles of this type at Talad Sao Mall, Vientiane. Lao People's Democratic Republic for the export sector The Company has exported terrazzo tiles to foreign countries in the ASEAN region such as Malaysia, Lao People's Democratic Republic. and the People's Republic of China The export sales to the People's Republic of China have been increasing year by year as supermarket project owners in the People's Republic of China prefer to import terrazzo tiles for flooring in many supermarkets in the country. China

In 2008 (2)

Because crabs are easy and convenient, fast, and are considered as one of the products of the country. with continuous exports to China Apart from terrazzo tiles and cement tiles for flooring The company has also added new products to meet the full market of tiling. by importing floor scrubbers and floor scrubbing pads for sale To meet the needs of tilers in the country as well as to increase after-sales service and to increase the maintenance service of terrazzo tile floors is another way as well.

In 2008 (3)

Since the establishment of the company, we have continued to develop. As a leader in terrazzo and cement tiles as well as being a leader in modern manufacturing innovations To meet the needs of customers in a comprehensive way and to upgrade products that meet international standards

Giving birth 38 years since the establishment of the company

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