terrazzo tile

MARBLEX terrazzo tile made from natural marble. white cement and other ingredients with modern machinery Controlling every production process by computer Under compressive forces up to 150-250 tons per sheet, it has the ability to withstand impact and abrasion. Supports continuous traffic as well
with a variety of ingredients Make MARBLEX prefabricated terrazzo tiles to be beautiful, modern, with many colors and patterns to choose from. Meet the needs of general building floors both inside and outside. by receiving the industrial product standard mark TIS 379-2543

Marblex No.300

Marblex No.301

Marblex No.302

Marblex No.306

Marblex No.308

Marblex No.370

Marblex No.371

Marblex No.373

Marblex No.497

Marblex No.TZ4

Marblex No.U5000

Marblex No.282

Marblex No.222

Marblex No.288

Marblex No.790

Marblex No.787

Marblex No.785

Marblex No.850

Marblex No.770

Marblex No.768

Marblex No.765

Marblex No.760

Marblex No.STTZ400-252

Marblex No.SP300TZ252- STOP

Marblex No.255

Marblex No.252

Marblex No.203

Marblex No.251

Marblex No.644

Marblex No.624

Marblex No.608

Marblex No.603

Marblex No.807

Marblex No.809

Marblex No.SP300TZ877- STOP

Marblex No.877

Marblex No.ATTZ400810- 2058

Marblex No.ATTZ400810-124

Marblex No.SP500TZ877- FW

Marblex No.SP500TZ877- MB

Marblex No.SP500TZ877- SD

Marblex No.STTZ400810

Marblex No.242

Marblex No.244

Marblex No.901

Marblex No.902

Marblex No.905

Marblex No.908

Marblex No.918

Marblex No.924

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