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And with the quality of Marblex terrazzo tiles using modern production technology and machinery from Italy. resulting in beautiful terrazzo tiles They are versatile, easy to care for, and have a long service life. Many private sector clients who have used our services They all say the same thing that Marblex terrazzo tiles can be used for more than 10 years without any damage. Also, the condition still looks new. This makes leading department stores like BIG C almost all branches across Thailand. Choose terrazzo tiles from Marblex indoors.

Even the central department store like Central world is the same. What is interesting is that during the fire inside the building in 2010 after the fire broke out. There are many parts that need to be renovated from such damage. But the terrazzo tiles that we have served are still in the same condition until now.

ASIATIOUE picture from the actual location outside the building that we provide to install the sidewalk tiles.

 Marblex tiles are trusted.
of the public and private sectors


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